Last but less than a week, five journalists in different provinces of Afghanistan faced with terrible violations.

It is going to make a long list if we count them by names like: Taj Mohammad Sekandar, Kelid journalist, Rahmatullah Nikzaad, Aljazeera local journalist in Ghazni province, Mohammad Hassan, a journalist and activist of civil society in Ghor province, Abdul Saboor Sareer editor of Afghanistan Times and Ahmad Wali Sarhadi a journalist in Zabool province.

Two of above mentioned persons, were even menaced to death by security guards of provincial court of Ghazni. Hassan Hakimi was threatened by a senator of named province, why he has published a critical issue. Meanwhile, he plus another journalist, Yaseen Ajand are summoned to the provincial office, its legal department. Ahmad Wali Sarhadi, a journalist in Zabool, was called by legal department of the province, due to publishing a critical subject about revealing a criminal case, car robbery by Taliban that the vehicle belonged to the provincial office. And finally, Abdul Saboor Sareer, editor of “Afghanistan Times” newspaper, was wounded because of a malicious attack done by some armed men. The armed men robbed away his car, smart phone and other handhold items.

Nai, supporting open media call on the government authorities to investigate about these incidents in a soonest possible time, since day by day we witness the violations getting higher rate against media and journalists.

The graph of violations ascending higher in a time while recently there is a particular committee established for investigating the cases of misbehaviours against journalists. So, principally, it is upon the committee to do its homework seriously, in order to introduce the violators to courts and scale down the level of violations against correspondents. The none-operating of the committee and indifference of government authorities against violators caused that those who are involved in corruption could easily make the journalists to refrain from revealing wrong doings and corruption cases. Simultaneously, the Afghan government has promised emphatically for international communities to support strongly from rights of civilians, open media and freedom of speech.