Sher Mohammad Jahish, the director of Tanweer TV station in central Baghlan province has been in police custody of this province for the past two days.
A week before the arrest of the director of Tanweer TV station, two journalists of the same TV stations, a reporter and a cameraman, claimed that they have been beaten by a group of men connected to ex-mayor of Pul-e-Khumry. The official of the mentioned TV station submitted their complaint to the police. Police have sent a group of officers that accompanied Mr. Jahish to the home of one of the attackers who is said to be the relative of ex-mayor.
It is also said that the Mother of arrested individual who is the head of the Tribune of Public Security try to file a case for Mr. Sher Mohammad, the director of Tanweer TV station. It is because to make the director and his journalist to take back their claims made against her son for they have been beaten by men connected to ex-Mayor of Pul-e-Khumry.
Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan seriously condemn the beating of the journalist of Tanweer TV station and then the arrest of TV’s director. Nai asks the detective, justice and judicial authorities of the country to well address and holistically carry assessment of the case.
As it is seen in this case, a certain group of people use illegal routs to put the director of Tanweer TV station under pressure and they try to hide the reality and file a case against the officials of this TV station. We once again ask the local authorities in Baghlan province to soon release Mr. Jahish and if his arrest is truly not connected to media activities, they have to soon disclose its reason and share the result of the investigation and probes with media. Note to mention that media institutions in Baghlan province have warned that if the case is not resolved fairly, they will close all media activities in Baghlan province