Mohammad Aqil Waqar one of the former journalist for Radia Ispinghar and also correspondent on legal and social affairs has been shot dead by unknown gunmen on Friday Evening in Nangarhar province.

he had attended one of his friends wedding party at Batikot district when the gunmen entered the house and started directly shooting at him he was martyred on the spot and two of his friends has been injured.

Head of the local radio station Shir Mohammad Bahador Hemat told to Nai media watch that ,”late Waqar didn’t have any enemies he has been cool friends with all and i m sure his job closely related to his death.

Based on his statement Mr Waqar had resigned from his position about three months ago,he had other job with an NGO fighting corruption in Nangarhar,he has been appointed as an investigative journalist to seek and find more details on variety cases of corruption in his province.

He was still a school student and full of good wishes but unfortunately his enemies hasn’t let him meet all his goals and wishes.

Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan has declared his death a big loss for the media family members specially to his parents,colleagues and shared its sorrows and expressed its deep concerns and condolence to his families.

Head of Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan has demanded the Government to find the perpetrators of the case and sentence them to death.

2014 has been the bloodiest year for media family members in Afghanistan where media family have lost its 8 members ,if the Afghanistan Government doesn’t adopt necessary measurements and safety the upcoming year of 2015 will be a year full of challenges.