A reporter of (one – 1) TV station has been fired from his job for he had liked an article on Facebook.
Rohullah Arman has lost his job in ONE TV station because he liked an article which was written about a ban on Mr. Andy’s exit from Afghanistan and his arrest by Kabul Airport police. Andy is a senior staff at ONE TV station. Mr. Rohullah Armaan had only hit the “Like” button of the article written about Andy.
Andy Welmarz, a German citizen and head of technical unit at ONE TV station has violated the Afghan Laws by taking such measure. Firing a TV staff for only he had liked a comment on social page of Facebook raises the concern that Afghan social media users come under pressure.
Any article which was liked by Mr. Rohullah cannot be at the cost of his job. However, hiring and firing of journalists and reporters must be according the enforced laws in the country. Journalists are hardly hired so their termination shall not be decided easily.
ONE TV station has to respond that why one of its staffs has been fired and why does this action taken by a foreign citizen.
If the case of exit ban is related to the Media activities, ONE TV station has to explain that why the exit of its head of technical unit has been banned. The reason has to be shared with the public. Note to mention that one of the managers at ONE TV station has also lost his job due to the interferences made by Mr. Andy.