Mina Mangal’s family members by referring to Nai office has claimed that they have been threatened by anonymous individuals on the daily basis right after their daughter’s death.

Mina Mangal’s father has written to Nai’s Media Watch through an official letter: “Mina Mangal’s assassins are trying to kidnap one of my family members in order to force us and make this possible to officially confess those who have been arrested by Kabul Police aren’t perpetrators of the case.

According to Interior Ministry two persons have been arrested by Kabul police related to Mina’s case.

Mangal’s family said to Nai that 10 days after Mina’s assassination their house was under attack and they were compelled to move from that area.

Nai asks the government to follow up their claim and assure their security. Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar, Nai Managing Director says: “As Mangal’s family members claim they have been threatened, police and the Interior Ministry are to ensure them of their security and safety; otherwise, according to the law, it will certainly be the responsibility of the government if any damage is caused to Mangal’s family.”

On Saturday, 11th May 2019, early in the morning unknown armed men shot Ms. Mangal, the Advisor of the Cultural Commission of the Parliament House in district 8th of Kabul city. Before working with the Cultural Commission of Parliament House, she used to work as media presenter with various TV channels for instance; Ariana, Shamshaad and Lemar TV for a long period of time.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan previously had asked all security, justice and judicial authorities to clarify this either the assassination was related to her media performances or not.