Abdul Ali Afghan, a Photographer (Photojournalist) in Kandahar province, was imprisoned on charge of writing contemptuous subjects to the address of prosecutors of Kandahar Province on his Facebook wall.The appeal court prosecutor of the Kandahar province says that Mr. Afghan was arrested based on recently signed penal codes, and insists that from now on anyone who will insult individuals and people in cyberspace then will be punished.

The Nai office, apprehension of journalists are illegal, before investigating their cases in investigation of media complaints and violations commission

Abdul Mujeeb Khalwatgar, General Director of Nai office said; “Since the media law is preferable in the section of media, “Every media case must first be investigated by the Commission for investigation of media violations which was established under the same law, and then in case of founding criminal, the case will be referred to the judicial and prosecution authorities.

The Nai Office asks the Kandahar provincial attorney general’s office to release the reporter as soon as possible, and in order to enforce the law, refer the case to the Commission for the Investigation of media Violations of the Ministry of Information and Culture.

It should be mentioned that no one has the right to insult individuals and legal entities through any instrument.

On the other hand, prosecutors in the country should recognize it important that citizens of Afghanistan are looking out for them in enforcement of law affairs more than others.