Visual media in Afghanistan have published a reports about raping case with victim whom have interviewed on Sunday, the case was occurred on one of the Northern provinces of Afghanistan in Kunduz Province where a Mullah raped a teenage girl,which this action is against the decree of 45 in Mass media law in the country.

The decree 45 indicated the following issues which are not allowed to be produced , printed or published such as images , disclosing of the victims identity of violence cases. Because this will damage the social prestige of the societies and in other part of the decree explained any issue which damages the spiritual security and safety of human beings such kids and young boys/girls are prohibited. Based on the above mentioned article none of the media have the rights to publish of disclose the identity of the victims of the raping cases.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan, seriously demands to respect the laws in the country, and avoid damaging the moral of the Nation by not publishing the such reports, further more media cant defend themselves in courts afterwards.