Nai welcome the new procedure laid down by the government for the purpose of journalists safety in Afghanistan.

The procedure was suggested by Nai along with the journalists federation and yesterday, got approval of the security council of Afghanistan. Nai deem it as a stepping stone towards promotion but at the same time expect there is no change made in the draft for imposing some limitation against correspondents. Abdul Mujeeb Khelvatgar, managing director of Nai who had participated in drafting process of the procedure, expressed his concern about probable change and adding in its contents. “The final version approved by the government is not sent to us yet, and we hope the government have not changed or add anything, if so, it will be very useful for journalists but never should be a tool for political usage of the government”.

It is mentionable that Nai organization will work on its dissemination and giving more highlights and analysis. This procedure for safety of journalists is a policy which specifies the role and responsibilities of the government towards the correspondents and media.