From the beginning of Islamic Emarat government in Afghanistan tens media outlets doors have been closed.
With the closure of free media in Afghanistan, the majority of journalists and media worker lost their jobs.
Nai believes, the closure of media and unemployment of journalists are worrying, and it can put a huge hurt on freedom of expression body, access to information and media activities.
On the other hand, in the current situation the safety of journalists and media worker is also a matter of concern.
Recently we were witnessed a fire and destruction of Rabia Balkhi Radio in Balkh province, and beside that the beaten of some journalists added on this concerns. For instance, Zaki Qais a prominent journalist in Afghanistan nightly beaten up on his gate and injured on his head by unknown individual who introduced themself security officials.
Threats and beaten of journalists, and fire on a radio station restricted access to information for citizens. Some media and journalists supporter institutions also concerning about the bad situation of access to information.
Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan also concerning about the current situation of journalists, media, the situation of access to information and freedom of expression, and these factors are as a mean restricting on free activities of media in Afghanistan.
Nai calls on officials to take serious measures to ensure the security of media, especially the beating case of Zaki Qais and fire and destruction of Rabia Balkhi Radio, recognize the perpetrators and bring to justice, to grantee the free activity of media and journalists