The recent panic and terrorist attacks launched by Taliban in Kandahar took the life of local residents and including the local correspondents.
The two local correspondents Bashir Ahmad Nadem working for Pazhwok and Abdullah his camera man while trying to film the scene Mr Nadem was injured during the second blast occurred and his was taken to the Hospital.
And his colleague Abdullah was injured too both correspondents after receiving medical treatments they were asked to be in beds for a while at homes.
Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan has expressed deep concerns over the injuries of the local journalists and the following concerns getting increased day by day.
In the earliest days of 2014 Ahmad Shahid speaker of radio Nawa was killed during a suicide bombing in the Kabul state.
Nai demanding Afghanistan Government to provide good security of the whole Afghan citizens specially to Journalists and correspondents and use best possibilities Afghan Government is responsible to ensure security for all Afghans but it seems that for the past 13 years could provide security for none in the country.
Mentionable that correspondents during providing reports or terrorist attacks first of should have safety and good security measurements because none of the reports values as the life a reporter.