New York Times reporter Matthew Rosenberg for writing a topic over Afghanistan Election process was called barred by the Justice and Judicial departments of Afghanistan, he will not leave the country until his case is closed. Mr, Rosenberg had to come Afghanistan to cover the Afghanistan Election process by reporting to New York Times, according to the Afghan Officials he has published a report indicating the newspaper reported that powerful figures in the government were discussing forming an interim government as a way to rescue the country from the impasse following the election.
They have also said the following reporter added in his report that some of the Afghan officials are planning to establish the temporary Government in case of no results from the current Presidential Election.
This comes after the Afghan attorney officials have called such reports against the Afghanistan constitution saying Mr. Matt needs to be investigated and summoned for his actions.
Nai office supporting open media in Afghanistan demands the Afghanistan Government to resolve his barred exist and some more details needed to clearing and explaining the issues which are against the Afghanistan constitution.
The Afghanistan constitution article 34 indicates the freedom of speech and Nai believes that the Afghanistan attorney action is against this article.
From the other hand this explains that the Government life which ends adopts this type of measurements it gives an idea that its trying to limit the freedom of speech in the country.
This action will also impacts negatively over the active local existed media specially the International reporters and correspondents, and journalists minds in order not to be able to provide more coverage on the Afghanistan Election.