The Nai Graduate Club is a family network of successful working journalists from all over Afghanistan, who have taken Nai media courses in Kabul, JalalabadMazar-i-SharifHeratKandahar and surrounding rural provinces since Nai Supporting Open Media was first established in 2005.

It is a club where all members share their work, exchange ideas, experiences, reporting advice and discuss the critical issues journalists in Afghanistan face every day.

The key idea is for journalists to build strong, working relationships with one each other in their respective cities and provinces, and countrywide. The national Nai Graduate Club structure will enable them to do both.

Each Nai Graduate Club invites guest speakers from media houses, civil society, government entities and outstanding citizens, and participates in national reporting field trips, producing exciting in-depth news stories and building up ‘beats’ with long-term trusted sources.

The Nai Graduate Club links up Nai’s Media Watch advocacy, which raises awareness about the rights of journalists, to strengthen regional media presence and their access to information. It will also enable them to establish and grow relationships with Nai’s network of media lawyers, as well as Nai partners, like the annual Afghan Youth Voices Festival, human rights advocates and civil society organizations.

Finally, Nai graduates play a valuable role in mentoring current Nai students – providing them with long-term guidance – and opening the door to student opportunities with internships at regional media houses.
The most active members from each Nai Graduate Club have the opportunity to qualify for placement in advanced Nai courses, and participate in national reporting trips, producing high quality multi-media stories with well-qualified and successful peers.

Nai has recently implemented hear our voice project which mainly was focusing on citizen journalism, social media, civic campaigns and creation of citizen journalists network

Nai Graduated Club Monthly News Letter
NGC monthly news letter

All Nai Graduate Clubs contribute to a monthly national newsletter about their exciting members and activities across Afghanistan .