Social media week was held in Nai head quarter while the enemies of the freedom of speech willing to limit the access to social media in Afghanistan.
Nai main office had celebrated the social media week three years ago and had demanded the social cultural and training section of UNESCO to register this week in to their calendar and recognize it as officially.
Nai has also asked the Government of Afghanistan to recognize one day as the social media Day in the country which 23 of July and register it into the Afghanistan calendar.
This is the third time the Nai has been holding the social media week in the country.
During the ceremony which was held more participants have talked about how to use the social media based on the standard procedure,and users were asked to pay deep attention while using social media,avoid spreading information which damages the National interest.
Mentionable that recognizing such day by the Government of Afghanistan and social media week by the UNESCO as officially will be a big achievement for the Afghan Nation and it’s their rights to be respected.