Liza Hessari
‎Training Director Hubs Coordinator & Nai Graduated Club Manager

Established in 2005, Nai’s national headquarters are located in Kabul. The facility houses Nai’s executive offices, a training department, a training radio station and the organization’s media rights advocacy branch, Media Watch.

The Kabul training facility has a senior training adviser, in addition to video, radio and technical trainers. All bring extensive work experience to practical, in-depth media courses, utilizing current video and radio equipment, in addition to a radio studio, on par with industry standards.

For more information, please contact: liza.hessari@nai.org.af

address: House #89, Darulaman Main Road, Karte Sai, Kabul, Afghanistan


Mohammad Asif  Amin
Hub Manager
In early 2010 Nai established a hub in the media-savvy eastern city of Jalalabad. Since then the center’s video and radio trainers have taught some of the region’s foremost journalists in the production suite and the field, in addition to hosting regular Media Watch meetings to advocate for access to information, and strengthen the media’s presence.
For more information, please contact: asif.amin@nai.org.af
address: Dr. Juma Khan Street, Gulaie Araba, district 3, Jalalabad, Afghanistan

Mazar-e Sharif

Mobina Khairandish Sai
Hub Manager

Nai’s media center in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif is almost two years old, and a prominent space for working journalists to discuss Media Rights and critical daily issues, as well as enroll in practical courses taught by experienced video and radio trainers. Nai’s trainers often travel to radio stations in the nearby provinces, in addition to training in the media center’s production suite and in the field.

For more information, please contact: mobina.sai@nai.org.af

address: Kamal Nabizada Square, Bank Mili Street, House # 5


Abdul Sami Ghairatmal
Hub Manager

Nai established an independent media training center in the southern city of Kandahar earlier this year, with the goal to strengthen local media capacity to produce quality reporting from the field. With experienced video and radio trainers, industry standard equipment, practical reporting courses, and a campaign to raise awareness of media rights, the Kandahar center is a proven success for media professionals in Kandahar and its surrounding provinces.

For more information, please contact: Sami.ghairatmal@nai.org.af

address: Sarak 30 Metra, near to Masjid Safed, in front of Baharan Restaurant


Hamed Momen
Hub manager

The new media hub in Afghanistan’s western city of Herat completes Nai’s national network of journalism training centers. Offering professional video and radio trainers, equipment and hands-on, practical training courses, the Herat center offers students a chance to discover a career, or seasoned journalists an opportunity to sharpen their skills.

For more information, please contact: hamed.momen@nai.org.af

address: Sarak 30 Metra, near to Masjid Safed, in front of Baharan Restaurant