Media outlets in the country are in a critical and historic situation. Performance of media in this crucial situation can change peoples’ life and destiny in the country. Media should define responsibilities of citizens and make each citizen aware of their roles in this crucial situation. At the moment media through its performance either can lead people to a state of happiness or to the path which ends into misery.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan asks media outlets in the country to pave the path to overcome this historical trial by implementing the required instructions in order to succeed. Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar, Nai Managing Director says: “As our journalists have successfully done their responsibilities and played their productive role in critical and historical situation in the past, I hope them to ensure their success once more in this critical situation. Media and journalists should act in accordance with the instructive guide and focus on their professionalism in this regard.”

Nai believes that media should neither become a source of fear and scaring at this sensitive situation through publishing inappropriate reports and news about Coronavirus and COVID 19 and nor, report the situation in such a way that citizens may not pay serious attention to the diseases that consequence Italy’s experience.

It is worth reminding that Nai has introduced an instructive guide for journalists on how to act in this critical situation and cover COVID 19 news which you can access it through the following link.


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