The recent interviews that went viral on social media networks by an ostensibly Taliban-affiliated journalist on the sidelines of the Intra-Afghan peace process in Doha, reveals that there has been no change in Taliban’s views and beliefs in terms of Human rights values, including the right to freedom of expression and the freedom of media.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan calls on the negotiating parties to provide the necessary assurances to the people of Afghanistan in order to overcome the concerns. Nai believes that without the right to freedom of expression and free media, no country can taste the sweet taste of development and prosperity. Nai thinks that the deal on the values of human rights, especially the value of freedom of expression, is a betrayal to the rights poor and defenseless Afghan people.

These values should be preserved, freedom of expression and free media should be protected from any type aggression. The negotiating parties must formally provide the guarantees that the desire of the Afghan journalistic community is fulfilled.