Neighboring countries, specifically Pakistan and Iran is trying to use the freedom of expression in Afghanistan for their own benefits through intending to establish media support entities, “Unions”.
Nai considers the establishment of such entities alarming, thus it asks media community to pay great attention in identifying such unions and not to let them limit media and freedom of expressions. Also, the government with the coordination of the media community should prevent such interference of the neighboring countries in the country’s media affairs.
Nai, considering its work scope, supports all media and journalists’ institutes and unions which are established by Afghans but not by foreigners with not clear objective.
According to the country’s Constitution, it is the legal right of citizens to establish unions to ensure their basic and human rights.
Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan believes that unions are part of the democratic process through which they can establish suitable condition for effective advocacy for a particular stratum. It is worth mentioning that none of the government agencies and foreign countries has the right to include their own political well when establishing such unions.