Nai`s findings after a broad assessment and feedback received from journalists show that many correspondents and reporters, presently abstain from publishing critical issues.

According to the questionnaires, 94% of the participants due to different reasons like fears, menaces and indifferences of authorities towards political situation have lost their interests to write or produce critical program. Among the target groups who were interviewed, 6% think positively as they have answered that there is no censorship in the media and they can publish whatever they want. Contrarily, 58% believe that there are strict censorship in social mass media because of pressures and menaces used by authorities and powerful individuals who are exposed to their criticism. This category of repliers have stated that they have experienced mostly some confrontation with people who are criticized and received some warning from their side, in order to delete their critical subjects, otherwise they will put themselves at possible risks. Also, 14% of the participants have lost their motivation about critical subjects, due to carelessness and apathy of government authorities which have no impression upon them and changing the situation from negative to positive and therefore they are desperate. “Seddiqullah Tawhidi” said that the more curbs against freedom of speech, the more sense of dissatisfaction will grow among civilians that is very dangerous for the government. Another category of repliers have pointed some other reasons for their fears like losing their jobs, being accused as racists and insults. It is mentionable that this survey was carried out in September of current year in five zones of Afghanistan addressing only those people who presently work as professional journalists in media.