Local Tv stations Khurshid and Rah-e-Fardah camera men were beaten by the Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai campaigners while filming the auditing process of the second round of the presidential Election in Independent Election Commission IEC compound, their film cassettes were also seized.
This action launched by the Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai campaigners is against the law and the perpetrators of the case should be identified by the security forces and introduced to the courts.
Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan demanded the Independent Election Commission IEC officials to help and assist correspondents to have access the information and cover the auditing process which is ongoing, and resolve any disputes or challenges occurs during the auditing process for the correspondents.
Election process has been one of the major important event in Afghanistan history which could cause and make any groups or institutions to try to challenge the process and make the life of correspondent difficult to film reports and make stories about it,which this action will be against Afghanistan laws and perpetrators will be jailed.
The right of having access to information goes to any Afghan citizens and Government is responsible to provide much facilities for its nation to practice their basic rights.