Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan has significantly condemned killing of one local Journalist named Zabiullah Pashtunyar in working for Kaihan radio station in Kunduz Province.

Zabiullah has not only been a journalist but working as the watch for Doctors without borders in Kunduz city,he was killed last night when Taliban stormed into the Hospital and shelter in there.

Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan expressed its sorrows and condemned the slaughter demanding the Government of Afghanistan to launch and investigation on his murder.

Gen Executive Manager of Nai Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar said,” we demand the International air forces to pay his blood price to his family members,we had demanded the Government to provide security and safety for media staffs after Kunduz fallen into Taliban’s hands, But Government ignored our demands,all the media installations were burned equipments were looted and journalists were killed.”

After Taliban controlled Kunduz city, inhumanity crimes were committed by Taliban, beside of looting, burning things they have raped women,killed journalists,and took most of the properties which were carried.

Nai declared the crimes were committed by Taliban in Kunduz city unforgettable and demanding the International community and united Nations and human rights committee to provide more supports for media journalists in Afghanistan, and provide financial supports for those local radio and Tv stations to purchase their equipment back.

Nai also asked the United Nation to record Kunduz crimes as inhumanity crimes in the history.