Officials in Nai main office have accused Afghan security officials for breaking laws hundred times.

Two Afghan journalists Ilias Mosavi and Jamshid Hakak have been beaten recently by the Police forces in Herat Province.

Nai officials have expressed their deep concerns over the ongoing violence against the correspondents and declared beating the journalists is a crime mentioned in code of sentence of Afghanistan.

Police forces which are counted as one of the law enforcers in the society should a sample for other citizens across the country, when it comes to the point the police forces misusing its power against the citizens it damages the police prides and rule of the law.

In the current security situation correspondents do need the cooperation and coordination of its police forces to collect stories and information in case police forces cause insecurity it will limit the society for the correspondents to do their jobs.

Head of Nai Support Open Media in Afghanistan Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar said,” we demand the Minister of interior Affairs to officially pursue the case and sentence the perpetrators of the case and as well as to avoid further violence reaction of others misusing Governmental departments.”

This comes after the Herat correspondents have not only being violated physically but also suffer not accessing their legal rights for collecting information,

A number of the herat provincial correspondents have gathered infront of the provincial Governor house to demand their rights though law for accessing information has been approved by the Governmental officials in Kabul.

Governmental official are obliged to adopt necessary measurements to decrease violence against correspondents so that media family members could practice their rights for accessing information.

Different reports indicated that , 2014 has been the bloodiest year for the Afghan media family members where 130 correspondents have been violated.