Badakhshan’s Journalists and media community stopped boycotting news of government. After apologize of Badakhshan’s governor, General Ahmad Faisal Bekzad; it was decided by journalists’ community of Badakhshan to remove the ban.

On 20th, May journalists of Badakhashan province in a protest gathering boycotted the government news in reaction to no response from governmental authorities and no access to information. On Wednesday 23rd, May, Ahmad Faisal Bekzad, governor of Badakhshan province in a conference session with journalists apologized from the local government’s address on shortcomings and lack of attention to journalists and media and pledged that after this the resources and required information will be provided as soon as it is required.

Badakhshan’s governor emphasized that all governmental departments and government’s spokespersons are required to assist with journalists on access to information and accountability.

Nai, Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan, while welcoming the decision, wants and emphasizes that the government’s obligation may not remain only on paper and the officials of Badakhshan based on law be obligated to pave the ground for access to information for residence of the province and especially for journalists.