Media committee in Independent Election Commission IEC has fined the 22 media houses such as Tv, Radio stations and Printed media for their un-balance and supportive programs and activities during the second round of the presidential Election in the country.
Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan has announced that any actions and decision being made by the IEC should be based on the media and Election laws.
Nai office also hopes that the following committee doesn’t get changed into exerting pressures tool they should do their job based on the existed laws and regulations, there fore it should increase the media trusts on Commissions and from the other hand non- of the institutions being used as exerting pressure power on media houses.
The following list indicating different media houses whom has been fined:
1 Aiana Tv hundred thousand Afghani. 2- Farda Tv hundred thousand Afghani
. 3- Niga Tv hundred thousand Afghani.
4- Noor Tv 60 thousand Afghani.
5- Metra Tv 40 ThousandAfghani.
6- Saba Tv 75 Thousand Afghani.
8- Zhuandon Tv 60 Thousand Afghani.
9- Shamshan Tv 30 Thousand Afghani.
10- Tolo Tv 10 Thousand Afghani.
11- Khawar Tv 10 Thousand Afghani.
12- Hewad Tv in Kandahar 5 Thousand Afghani.
13- Batour Tv IN Jawzjan 20 Thousand Afghani.
14- Ghaznawyaan Tv in Ghazni 5 Thousand Afghani.
15- Radio Spozhmai 5 Thousand Afghani.
16- Radio Neda 15 Thousand Afghani.
17- Radio Nawa 10 Thousand Afghani.
18- Radio Dunya Parwan 5 Thousand Afghani.
19- Radio Da sule Paighan 5 Thousand Afghani.
20 – Iqtidar News paper 5 Thousand Afghani.
21- Mandegar News paper 10 Thousand Afghani.
22- Sarnawisht 10 Thousand Afghani.
23 Sorush Milat 5 Thousand Afghani.