In terrorist attacks carried out through suicide actions on 15 Jan 2017, it resulted in killing tens and injuring more than hundreds of innocent civilians.

Among casulties two workers of Parliament TV (Noorullah and Mrs Fardia) are included who lost their lives after the blast and Tahir Paiman who works as reporter in “Kherad” weekly newspaper got seriously injured. In such an afflicting condition we are deeply concerned about worsening situation and on the other hand feeling worried for the lives of other media workers and therefore demanding from all media directors to vigilant about their staff. Nai, supporting open media expect that all media directors should try their best to make sure that all security measures cautiously taken towards their staff, particularly in commuting going in and out from their offices. We also ask the government to take necessary steps in response to the request of journalist family who wanted the government to appoint a special unit for protecting the lives of journalists in war zones of the country. Besides, we also expect that the unity government should take into account the controversial title of violators of human rights and put this issue as pre-condition in their peace talks with every party who want to deal with the government. It is mentionable that during last terrorist attacks taken place in some provinces like Kabul, Qandahar and Helmand, more than 50 people died and about 200 persons got injured in which five diplomats of United Arab Emirates are among the casualties.