Islamic Shows Anchor, Ahmad Khan Nawid was martyred as result of bullet shot during a protest in Ghoor province; it was said.

According to the eye witnesses’ expression, a number of Ghoor residents have rushed to the provincial office in a protest on the government’s unfair distribution of bread to people.

Sada-e-Adalat Radio journalist, Gul Ahmad Khesraw one of the witnesses said to Nai Media Watch through a phone call interview: “After hearing the sound of gunfire, I reached to the scene, people rushed to the provincial office, there was a lot of gunfire, and several people fell off to the ground, police tried to finish the incident, but there was no one to transfer the injured persons in to the hospital.

Ghulam Nasser Khazeh, the Governor of Ghoor province says; the people have made this movement without any legal prerequisite. They have destroyed government’s equipment; also they have attacked over police without paying any attention to them. In addition, along with a martyred journalist, a number of Ghoor residents have lost their lives, and some are wounded up.

Nai wants a serious investigation into the issue and wants the Ministry of Interior Affair’s special team and Ghoor Police Chief to thoroughly pursue this issue and share its results with journalists’ community, Nai and Afghan people.