A recent video on social media shows that a media employee in Afghanistan is in a state of trance. In the video, it is obviously showing the inhumanity behavior with the media staff.

The words, which have been exchanged in this video, indicate that video makers seek to suppress the work of this media’s staff.

The Nai office believes that freedom of expression is facing challenges in Afghanistan and the production and distribution of this video is one of those challenges.

The Nai office wants from investigative, intelligence, justice and judicial agencies to first discover the case and then, according to the laws of the judicial process, determine which forces are behind the restriction of freedom of expression in Afghanistan.

Nevertheless, it is believed that observance of religion and religious beliefs as the main means of believing in the life of Muslims in Afghanistan must be respected in all cases. Instead, it should not be misused to observe and disregard these issues through formal and informal social and institutional entities. Nai is closely following up the case with the concerned agencies.

It’s worth mentioning that Ibrahim Abed is one of the most successful comedians in the country and one of the most important individual in critical program of (Shabaka-e-Khanda) at Tolo television network.