The Afghanistan cabinet members have recently re-approved the private mass media policy on establishment and operation after some amendment and necessary reviewing in the content of the policy, the following policy had been endorsed by the President late 1393.

Most of the amendment made on decreasing of guaranteeing and right of operation of Medias.

This would pave the way for the individuals to establish more media outlets and facilitates more media registration process.

Attached to this letter are the new amendments made on  the policy.

First article:

Article 7th of the following policy  on inauguration of private mass media which was printed in official magazine number 1196 year 1394 shall be adjusted with the below context:

Article 7th :

  • The following individuals based on the article 6th in the policy can inaugurate media under the below circumstances:
  • Presenting written letter to the Ministry of Information and Culture.
  • Having permission letter on investing for media or profitable institution.
  • Name of media or institution.
  • Kind of activity.
  • Location of the media.
  • Providing proper documents for receiving activity permission.
  • Presenting copy of the statute.
  • Presenting Bank guarantee letter.
  • Financial source according to mass media code.
  • Complete background information of owner and Manager.
  • Amount of investment to be made.
  • Volumes, language, way of contains activities/ broadcasting, date of printing, cutting, and bookbinders in printing media.
  • Accessing necessary equipment, machines with high quality in media and belonging institution.
  • The Ministry of Information and Culture is responsible to share a copy of first part of first paragraph of the following article to mass media reviewing committee for further reviewing.
  • Accessing working permission part 7 of the 1 paragraph shall be granted as below:
  • (25000) Afghani for TV station.
  • Cinema, cable Networks (20000) Afghani.
  • Radio station, broadcasting institutions, printing and advertisement institutions (12500) Afghani.
  • Film maker institutions, journalism Training centers shall pay (10000) Afghani.
  • Newspaper, Center translations shall pay (5000) Afghani.
  • Monthly – annual magazines, cultural institutions, artist and website shall pay (2500) Afghani.
  • Bank guarantee letter according to part 9 paragraph 1 of the following article shall be paid as below:


  • For inauguration of TV station (350000) Afghani.
  • Cable TV networks, film maker institutions, (100000) Afghani.
  • Radio stations, printing press, advertisement institutions (750000) Afghani.
  • Cinema Journalism training center (50000) Afghani.
  • Newspaper and News agency (25000) Afghani.
  • Translation centers (25000) Afghani.
  • Weekly, cultural institutions, art, supporting news agency, researching and investigation centers, on media (10000) Afghani.
  • Monthly, website, (7500) Afghani.
  • Annual magazine (5000) Afghani.



  • If any of media cannot pay the Bank guarantee and does not have the paragraph 4 of the following article can provide documents real individuals according to the policy.
  • Copyright and working permission of printing media, institution to real and ordering persons are 4 times for the International citizens according to paragraph 4 of the following article.
  • The real and ordering persons are responsible to pay double Banking guarantee according to the paragraph 4 of the following article.
  • The real and ordering persons by having the working media permission can obtain other media activities permission letter according the order of the policy.
  • Ministry of Information and Culture is responsible to register the media and related institutions.

Article 2:

The below context as article 40 will be revised as article 41 and 42:

  • The TV- Radio stations are obliged to publish and broadcast the following advertisements, related to health, counter Narcotic, violence against women and children, literacy program, kidnapping, using explosive materials, and promoting the citizen culture should discount from 25% up to 60 %.
  • The media related to paragraph 1 are responsible to share one copy of the list of the advertisement which was broadcast and published during the year with the Ministry of Information and Culture.

Article 3:

The above mentioned amendment from the date mentioned would be printed in official magazine.