President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani during a visit with some media responsible and supporting freedom of media institutions in Presidential palace exempted 108 million Afghani of tax penalties of media.Further president Ghani stated that those media that did not pay taxes to government, their taxes are payable up to 7 years with separate installments in the future.

Based on the article 53 of Afghanistan mass media code the printing media are all exempted to pay taxes, but according to the recent approved code of income on taxes all media are obliged to pay tax.

During his discussion President Ghani promised to media managers and supporting freedom of media institutions that he will prefer the mass media law rather that income taxes law since the contradiction appeared between the two codes, and if a legal alternative way is sought then he would try to do some amendment to the income taxation law in order to end this issue.

The decree of the President Ghani includes printing media, radio stations, online media and news agencies but TV stations are exceptional.

The Federation of Afghanistan journalists and media had launched efforts to had demanded the taxes of the media to be exempted, and Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan during a press conference held last week demanded the government of Afghanistan to reduce the heavy burden from the media’s shoulders.