Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs announced the ratifying of regulation on remuneration for employees of non-governmental entities and private sectors.

This regulation has been drafted in three chapters and 22 articles which is considered the first legal document on remuneration of non-governmental and private sector employees in Afghanistan in which NGOs and the private sector are required to pay an extra month’s wage in consideration of a year service of an employee.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan along with thanking the ratifying authorities and the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, considers introduction of the regulation a good omen.

Nai asks all media outlets in Afghanistan to view this regulation as a general legal document and to engage with their correspondents on the basis of law.

Nai has really endeavored regarding the ratification of this regulation and believes that no media outlet will act against it. Furthermore, Nai asks the Ministry of Information and Culture to perform its supervising role in implementation process of this regulation.