Different reports indicated the Presidential Election Process despite of having security challenges Afghans have attended significantly and voted for their favorite leader.
Reports from the 9:00 am up to 12:am which has been published local people have participated significantly in Ghur Province unfortunately armed clashes continued in between the Afghan security forces and Taliban in Dawlatyar district of Ghor.
After casting his vote Dr, Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai has expected the IEC to do their job as good and I will accept the results.
His rival Dr Abdullah Abdullah among supporters has also casted his vote and declared to media that frauds is one of the major challenge and enemy which is being carried by the responsible. Meanwhile the President Hamid Karzai has also voted in closer voting station Amani High school, demanded the Afghan Nation to attend voting process and cast their vote for their favorite leader.
In the historical day of Election most of the disabled and defective figures have also attended Election and voted as groups to their favorite candidates and used their civil and political rights. Armed gunmen entered polling station they were not allowed by the voters and responsible, and yet to receive any threat reports from 393 voting centers from Nangarhar Province.
Reporters have stated that voting process continues in Istiqlal High school and IEC workers have expressed their satisfactions over the ongoing process in the capital city of Kabul.
Out of 244 voting centers voters have access only to 197 centers officials have committed to re-open the other sites.
Reports have indicated that 6 voting centers were shut down due no security reasons but officials have promised to re-open it.
People in the capital have expressed their concerns over pile of people waiting to vote, there also reports saying that ink of the Presidential Election doesn’t stay long in fingers in Alfhatah high school and Bagrami district.
Electoral reporters have said that there is spray white ink only the blue dark ink seen on voters fingers.
Ballot sheets shortages in Paktia Province cause most of the voters not to be able to vote. IEC Workers have encouraged voters to cast their vote for Dr, Ashraf Ghani in women and men voting centers locating in the sixth district police in the capital city of Kabul.
Correspondents have reported from west of Kabul city that one supervisor for Dr, Abdullah Abdullah was arrested by Police with no reason.
Two kids were injured when armed gunmen engaged with one of the local powerful figure Engineer Ghafar in Nangarhar Province.
Report received from Shindan district of Herat Province supporters for one of the presidential candidates have beaten the IEC workers and still the voting center opens for voters. People couldn’t attend the process due to high level of threats forced by Taliban in border side of the Nuristan Province.
Women have significantly attended the process of voting comparing to men. Contrary to the very first round of the presidential Election a huge number of the citizens have participated and cast their votes in Khost Province.
Lack of ballot sheets in Surubi district , Qala-i- Kashif and Da danah high school caused voters not to be able to vote.
One voting center was reported closed in Pul-i-Charkhi district of Kabul province the reason was declared violence among the two Presidential supporters.
Correspondents couldn’t have access to information in Women voting center sites in Herat Province.