The draft of mass media introduced by Ministry of Information and Culture recently, is not fulfilling the demand of journalism community in Afghanistan.
Ministry of Information and Culture has provided journalists the draft of mass media law to be evaluated for the second time.
In spite of considering some of journalists’ recommendations and suggestions submitted to the ministry in month April this year, but still lacking and restrictions are observed.
The issues clarified by Nai as restrictions include technical and administration issues as well as lack of initial facilities for media and journalists.
Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan appeals Ministry of Information and Culture to take the issues and suggestion into consideration which was submitted to Ministry of Information and Culture at the Journalists National Conference at the beginning of this year and pave the way for freedom of expression and open media by providing a democratic and standard mass media law.
Nai is also pretending that the seven days moratorium provided by Ministry of Information and culture for evaluation of mass media law is not enough and appeals to extend the duration to two weeks at the minimum.
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