The regulation for digitalizing TV station is going to be finalized and soon it will go under the supervision and will be sent to Afghanistan cabinet approval. The National interests specially the Afghan citizens who are the main viewers of the TV stations should not be ignored while digitizing TV station against the private company’s interests.

Afghanistan constitution officially recognizes accessing information as the fundamental rights of every Afghan citizen, one of the main concerns of the institutions supporting freedom of speech for the Afghan citizens is after the completion of the digitalizing TV station the code of accessing information, Afghanistan constitution specially the basic right of the citizens doesn’t have to be hurt.

The price of the seat box or receiver which broadcasts the digitalized TV stations is high, possibly huge number of the citizens cannot afford to buy those, the other concern which draws the attention that may some of those companies providing receivers to broadcast digitalized TV stations could stop broadcasting and deprived the viewers from watching and accessing their basic rights.

Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan hopes that the new regulation on digitalizing TV station which is going to be finalized soon end the above mentioned concerns of the institutions supporting freedom of speech in the country.