President Karzai criticized number of media outlets and their broadcasting and said; some Afghan media outlets harm and deter people’s perception and thoughts by airing disruptive talk shows and reports.
President Kaarzai ordered the information and culture ministry to take appropriate action against these outlets.
Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan asks the presidential office to clarify on president yesterday’s speech. Nai asks the presidential office to explain what president meant by “harm and deter people’s perception and thoughts” and also should make clear which outlets through which programs “harm and deter people’s perception and thoughts”.
Nai believes that any action in contrary with the Afghan constitution and Afghan media law either form presidential office, any other governmental entities or from media outlets, is against freedom of expression, free information flow and free media and consider as censorship.
Nai consistently asks government of Afghanistan government to uphold on its obligations on freedom of expression & free media and should not act in a way to be against freedom of expression and toward censorships.