The following provinces have significantly suffered from such challenges like Kabul Herat balkh Daikondi Sar-i-Pul Ghazni Wardak, Kunduz.
Despite of lack of ballot papers in Kabul the capital city and people have lined up long waiting for the ballot papers to be sent by the IEC officials and keep the process going.
The Governor of Balkh has expressed his opinion saying that it seems that this issue has launched systematically.
By the consideration of limit time people are waiting im passionately to receive the ballot papers and vote for their favorite candidates.
Due to the following issue the polling stations have been shut in some parts of the Provinces this comes after that limit time to the end of Presidential- Provincial Election.
The lower house of the parliament during a Press Release has entitled being lack of Ballot papers, in the Presidential- Provincial Elections.
This comes after the Herat residents have protested and broke down the Glasses of the Herat University Building.
It could be saying that the terrorists have torn some of the Ballot papers and thrown them into water.
2- Security incidents and time will increase.
Two explosions occurred in Samangan and Kunduz Provinces there is no reports on the causalities.
3- Voters killed during the Traffic incident.
Local correspondents in central Daikundi Province has reported that one vehicle vanished which were full of voters in the above mentioned Province.
Based on the reports two people were killed and some others were injured.
4- Active Presence of Women in the Election.
The Election observers during the National Process have stated about the huge Presence of Women in the Election despite of security challenges and heavy rains they have proved their Presences and interests.
In Faryab Province the Women and girls lined reaches about to 1000 voters.
5- the Numbers of closed polling stations increased.
According to IEC from 6770 polling stations 959 polling centers left shut across the country, located not only in West but East of the country.
This comes after the latest Press release released by the MOI saying that about 400 polling stations will be shut due to high security threats.
6- Afghan Security forces set free those hostages with Taliban.
The 35 hostages who were under the Terrorists control were set free by the Afghan security forces all those were the local workers for IEC process the following persons while coming back after the inauguration of the polling center came under the Terrorists control in Khuja Namosi district of Faryab Province.
7- Fake voting cards is also considered as fraud.
So many people who were trying to use fake voting cards in different parts of the country have been arrested by the Security Police forces, reports indicated from the south of the country that one Women was arrested among other three men while using 1000 fake voting cards