Erfan Barzgar, a local correspondent at local Salam Watandar radio in Takhar province, was threatened by the commander of the counter terrorism directorate of the Takhar Provincial Police Command.

Mr. Barzgar went to the Police Headquarters in Takhar Provincial Police Command, but due to the fact that the police commander was busy when the correspondent was expelled from the police headquarters, he was confronted with Mr. Mohammad Nazir Toryalai, commander of the counter terrorism police in Takhar Province and he was invited by Mr. Toryalai to his office. According to Mr. Barzgar, the commander of the Counter Terrorism police command in Takhar province has asked him to abandon preparation of the report about Mr. Nazir; otherwise he will be imprisoned.  According to Mr. Barzgar, the police official ordered his bodyguards to expel him from his office.

The latest reports from Takhar province on the issue shows that a number of influential people have mediated and peaceful resolved the issue.

The Nai office, supporting open media in Afghanistan, however considers the behavior the police authority in Takhar as a misuse of his authority and illegal and calls on the ministry of Interior of Afghanistan to ask the commander of Counter Terrorism police of Takhar province regarding his violation of law and provide the necessary explanations. According to Nai office, no legal personality has the authority to remove the responsibility of those who violated the law.

Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar, general director of Nai office said in this regard; “In addition to providing explanations regarding the case of Mr. Barzgar, we request from the ministry of interior to pay attention to the case by law and to bring the sinner to justice and prosecution in accordance with the law.

The Nai office believes that Mr. Barzgar can remit the violence that has been committed by the commander of the counter terrorism police command in Takhar province. But he certainly cannot take responsibility for the violation of the law that this police officer has to deal with, and take the police away from any violation.