The National security directorate in Helmand have detained the local correspondent of Radio Azadi Mohammad Elyas Dayee for more than 20 hours in custody.

The following correspondent was held after he had posted something about one of the members of the Helmand provincial council member in his Facebook.

According to security official in Helmand Bashir Shakir the Helmand provincial council member had complained about Mr. Elyas that he had posted wrong information about him in his Facebook.

One of the security officials who did not want to be named told to Nai that Mr. Elyas is not in custody but he is as guest with the National security directorate because his life may be in danger we have protected him in there.

General Director of Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar said, “depriving of the freedom of correspondents under any circumstances is illegal and no institution can hold or detain correspondents before the judging of the media complain commission and media violation.”

Mass media law tasks the media reviewing complains and media violation and authorizes to review the violation cases of correspondents.

In the 2 paragraph of Mass media law states that the commission mentioned in the first paragraph? (Media commission reviewing media complains) will review the cases and will introduce the individuals to the justice and court.

Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan demands the National Unity Government to not allow any individual to act against the law or to detain or investigate the correspondents, we also ask the Helmand local officials to ensure the security and safety of Mr. Elays. Further Nai demands the government to review the case based on the law.