The news which was published related to the civilian casualties in specific children as result of the attack by the Afghan air force in Takhar province angered the Afghan government.

Amrullah Saleh, the first vice president said in a statement that journalists who have covered the civilian and children casualties in Takhar province would be taken to legal procedures.

It is good thing literally in order to treat any person legally. However, when it intimidates journalists, it is against the applicable laws in the country. Freedom of expression should be protected from any type of aggression based on the Article 34th of the Afghanistan Constitution Law.

Neither Mr. Amrullah Saleh nor anyone else has the right to intimidate journalists. Nai believes; if any person or authority thinks that a media report or news piece is inaccurate or untrue, they should pursue it through the Media Offenses and Complaint Review Commission. Also, any other approach is against the law and should be prosecuted through legal process. On the other hand, any action for the purpose of pressurizing and intimidating journalist and media staff related to this issue is against the current laws in the country.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan is worried about this issue that a day the Afghan Government may moreover pressurize media and journalists that could cause extreme restrictions over freedom of expression and access to information, and it can consequently demolish freedom of expression and media, which are the remarkable achievements in the last twenty years.

Nai calls on the president and the first vice president to support freedom of expression and access to information in order to overcome the concerns of Afghan Media Community.