In accordance with complaints of social media users, media reports and UNAMA Facebook page, 10s of social media users’ comments have been deleted beneath UNAMA’s post recently

Complaints that Nai has observed state that one of UNAMA’s posts which was against one of the IEC commissioners has caused arguments among twitter users on UNAMA page. In response UNAMA has deleted 10s of those comments followed by that post.

The organization has justified through their Facebook page the reason behind deletion of those comments and stated: “Thanks to those who created constructive conversation.” Forget of those arguments which cause hatred, let’s defend freedom of expression and let’s end offensive, threatening and vulgar contents. No to offense.”

On the other hand, twitter users whose comments have been deleted claimed that their compliments were not offensive.

Hasib Mutaref, a twitter user said that his comment was not offensive but emphasized on UNAMA’s impartiality.

Harun Najafizada, a prominent Afghan Journalist has tweeted: “Those who established freedom of expression are the ones stoning it now.”

Zia Shahryar, another Afghan Journalist said that by blocking accessibility to UNAMA’s social media pages, complaints are increased.

While at the same time, UNAMA has indirectly stated on its Facebook page that the reason behind the deletion of the comments is its offensive nature.

Nai believes that UNAMA has clearly violated freedom of expression and if social media users have commented offensive words followed by that post hence they have also violated the law.

At the light of freedom of expression values, Nai asks all national and international entities to respect all human right values in specific the value of freedom of expression. They should not let their entities to be harmed by disrespecting the aforementioned values.

Meanwhile Nai asks social media users to respect humanity and human dignity through their social media contents.