Many journalists in Takhar province claim that the spokespersons of Takhar Police Headquarter and the provincial office have imposed restrictions over access to information and do not share the required information with journalists. According to plaintiff journalists the spokespersons of these two entities did not share accurate and timely information with journalists and even in many cases share the untrue information.

The journalists say; lack of accessibility to accurate information on the current security situation of Takhar has caused people not to be aware of the important security issues.

Irfan Barzgar, Nishana News Agency journalist said to Nai Media Watch: “The spokespersons

Prevent the dissemination of accurate information, and in many cases when journalists access to accurate information, they prevent the progress and growth of those journalists.”

Nasrat Rahimi, Ariana News TV journalist in northern zone said: “If the situation continues this way, journalists will suffer lots of troubles.” He also claims; the Special Forces removed the pictures in his camera and beaten him up by the rifle butt.

Zalmai Ashna, BBC journalist in the northeastern zone of the country, believes that the security situation in the northern zone is a matter of concern; but still the security officials are reluctant to provide accurate and required information to journalists. In consideration to the worst security situation in the country, people need to know about the ongoing situation. The spokespersons at the government are obliged to provide information to all citizens in specific journalists. The lack of providing accurate and timely information and dissemination of untrue information by the officials has caused to disturb people’s mind and lead them to mistrust media and journalists.

It is worth reminding that last night, over eighty security forces were killed in Taliban’s attacks in Takhar, and the spokespersons at the security entities have not published any credible information in this regard yet.