Balkh communication department has stopped the two private TV stations activities called Asia and Mehraban in Mazar city.

Officials in the following department have declared the main reasons the two TV stations didn’t pay taxation from the frequencies they are using it.

Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan has called the following effort an illegal action made by the Balkh communication department and significantly condemned it.

Ministry of communication and Technology cant just stop the activities of media across the country only the authority and powerful courts based on the existed laws could stop Tv or Radio stations from doing activities,the following effort is called ignoring the laws and intractably action.

Gen, Executive of Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar said,” not paying the taxations based on the law is a breaking and ignoring the law and its punishments is also indicated and written within the laws,there is no reasons to stop Tv stations from activities for not paying the taxations.”

Nai office demands the Ministry of culture and information to adopt necessary measurements and avoid other Governmental departments not to be able to stop media activities across the country.

We also demand the National Unity Government leaders based on their commitments given to the Afghan Nation defend the freedom of speech, and don’t allow anyone to harm democracy within the Afghanistan’s system.

Meanwhile we demand the Balkh Provincial officials to stop those trying to act against the existed laws and do not allow them to carry out illegal actions to create distances in between the Government and Nation.