In a conference held in “Amritsar” of India Ashraf Ghani refused the donation of 500 million USD proposed by Pakistan to Afghanistan.

He rejected the mentioned amount back to Pakistan, recommending them to spend this money for actual struggle against terrorism in their own country rather than giving it to a country which mostly suffers from terrorism stemmed in Pakistan. This decision of Afghan president was followed by different harsh reactions of Pakistan and even their rude actions. Some media in Pakistan used very unethical words and started insulting the Afghan president. Nai, supporting open media repudiate these kinds of uncouth reactions made by Pakistan media and hereby ask them to apologize for what they committed. The media and journalists have responsibility to join nations rather than disconnect them. We believe that those media or activists who trespass from journalistic rules should be prosecuted. Nai also ask from Pakistan government to curb those media branches which try to produce hatred among nations and empoison the friendly and diplomatic relations between two neighbor countries.