The Presidential- Provincial Elections has just been officially opened by the head of Independent Election Commission IEC Dr, Nurstani at Habibia High school todayat 7:00 am on the 5th, April, 2014.
In the same time the other polling stations in Mahmood Hotaki High school in Kuta Sangi after 40 minutes delay today, the Afghan security forces despite of ensuring the security have began to help people inline and control the situation and people are satisfied with their behavior.
The presence of the people is significantly huge at the early morning, despite of the heavy showers and no transportation, a huge presence of people have showed that they have waiting to vote for their favorite candidates as soon as possible.
Meanwhile, since last night the sending services of messages through cellphones has been banded since last night this has caused that the supervisors for the Election Process could do their jobs properly by receiving the complains and reports, then to share it with the related institutions and media.