Clips and pictures which have been publicized through media during President Ghani’s speech, a man raised his voice among the people gathered there, president made a gesture at the moment it isn’t known what does actually he mean. Right after that, video clips have been publicized that apparently reveal that PPS screamed out and took the man into the car who was harmed enough and took him to unknown place.

Different reactions were caused by this deed. According to Nai’s belief, PPS’s behavior with this citizen was against the Article 34th of Constitution that considers freedom of speech as the fundamental right of every citizen in the country.

Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar, Nai Managing Director says: “All citizens have the right to speak and criticize government’s performances based on the law and it is the authorities’ responsibility to listen people and follow up their complaints not to mute their voice.”

Government is obligated to explain PPS’s commitment which was made against freedom of speech, President has to explain about the incident occurred in Herat province and based on which crime he was violently treated by PPS.

In accordance to Nai’s Belief, if presidential Office keeps silence in this regard, so everyone hesitates to raise their voice and object and freedom of expression which is an excessive pride for all, will go for waste.