Nai supportin open media in Afghanistan has focued on 3 important below issues related to correspondents in a session:

1-      Badly behaving of the President PPS towards the correspondents in Ministry of Higher Education.

2-      Limiting the freedom of speech threating and even beating of correspondents by the security forces and one IEC commissioner.

3-      Differenciate of gender voilence and sexual voilence in the media reports.

A number of correspondents whom were invited to cover the speech of the Afghanistan first lady Miss Rola Ghani which was held at the Ministry of Higher Education on 25 Qaws 1396 but most of the correspondents whom were trying to cover the event were voilated by the PPS of the first lady ensuring secuirty for her.

Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan demands the Presidential palace to  adopt necessary measurements for the security personnel PPS otherwise Nai will decide together with the correspondetns.

General Director of Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar said, “We ask the Presidential palace to hire PPS who pay respects to the freedom of speech , human rights and citizens rights.”

Amid illegal detention, threats and voilence cases against correspondents has increased in the country, on 9 of Aqrab one of the local correspondents Bismillah Watandoost who was working for the Radio Shabee in Kandahar province was detained by the security cheif for 10 days, Mohammad Elayas Dahee was detained by the National Security Directorate of Helmand for 20 days, apparently his life was at risk.

In the recent cases of voilence Omid Dawlatzai and Ahmad Seyar Yunusi the correspondents of Khurshid whom trying to do interview with the IEC deputy commissioner during the interveiw the individual left the interview and the correspondent was beaten by the brother of the deputy of the commissioner the cameraman said.

General Director of Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar said, “ not only these type of behavior is not counted as professional act but also its counted as none human being act when the freedom of an individual is limited that act is called none human being act, the following act as always is being carried out by those who are working for the government.”

Further Mr. Khalvatgar demanded the government to introduce those who misconduct the act.

He said, “ those individuals who carry out the act which ends up to limit the freedom of the correspondents  threat them or insult them they should be fired from their posts then should be introduced to justice and judicial departments this act could help others not to carry out such an act against correspondents in the future, we think this should be reviewed by the government, if not so we will share the concerns to the United Nation Organizations and even the diplomatic channels for doing futher advocacy.”

Recently some of the International News agencies are publishing some wrong words sexual to gender which it really impacts badly over the soul and minds of the our Afghan women and created some problesm for the female correspondetns and media staffs.

They have reported that gender and sexual voilence cases are taking place within media in Afghanistan, Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan has recorded no such cases yet, and believes in that sexual harrasment case is a misunderstanding issue and the International reportors during the translation of the words couldnt understand the meaning of geneder and sexual harrasment and couldnt differenciate it.

General Director of Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar said , “ we have never witnessed any sexual harrasment cases within our media yet, and there is difference between the words gender voilence and sexual harrasment.”

He stated that gender voilence means that one female correspondent recieves low salary comparing to male correspondent, or they get recurited lower and the reason is the male could work longer even after the evening in Afghan society, and could travel to the danger areas but sexual harrasment totally means something else, no report has been published about the issue in the media yet.

Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan demands the media and correspondents in the country to precisly pay attention on using the words gender voilence and sexual harrasment words in their reports and avoid further damages the moral and dignity of the media in the country.