A number of media managers have come together and demanded insistently the president to avoid approving the Mass Media Law at Nai main office on Wednesday.

The have expressed their concerns on Mass media committee to be led by the Minister of the culture and information which is against the Afghanistan constitution.

In the session the draft for the Mass Media Law recited which has been approved by the lawmakers on the 28,Jan,2015 in hasty and inevitability.

Media members believed that if the following draft reaches to the President for further approving the freedom of speech will be deteriorated and it will cause huge challenges for media family members during their activities.

Former Minister of the culture and information in order to legalize the following committee reviewing of the media violence had sent the its draft for the parliament for further confirmation and approval the draft had indicated that Minister of culture and information will lead the above mentioned committee, the draft was approved by the lower house of the parliament and then it was rejected by the upper house members, according to the constitution a delegation made from different committees for reviewing the draft after a while the following delegation didn’t approve it either.

By approving and enforcing of the law all media activities will be monitored and controlled directly by the Governmental department which underestimate the media performances ,it will also be against the Afghanistan constitution article 34th which says “Freedom of speech is safe from any invades”.