Election is made public by the help of media and electoral information reaches the individual citizen’s home through media. Therefore, safety and security of journalists on Election Day should be as top priorities of security forces.
On Saturday, 28th September 2019 is supposed to be Election Day and Afghan Citizens will go to polls to cast their votes and select future president.
So it is clear that the process should be transparent and acceptable. Hence, media by covering all aspects of the process can contribute to its transparency and credibility.
Furthermore, by focusing on the security situations, there are also concerns about threats against journalists and media. Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan asks the security entities who are responsible and effectively involved in securing election to pay close attention towards safety and security of journalists at polling stations and cooperate with them on the basis of law.
Nai also asks the media officials across the country to care about safety of their journalists and equip them with bulletproof jackets and helmets and send them for election coverage. Journalists should also abide by all the rules and ethics of journalism and cover the election process with full impartiality.