Neither any individual nor any entity in the country has the right to insult or pressurize media under the name of complaint against them. 

Mir Rehman Rahmani, Afghan Parliament Speaker, on Wednesday, 16th October 2019, he has filed a lawsuit against media and accused a number of media outlets of plotting against parliament.

Nai considers this deed something illegal and unprofessional and asks the parliament and its chairmanship to pursue legal procedures if there is any kind of complaints against media.

The legal procedure is for following up complaints against media and commission for investigation of media violation and complaints.

Nai believes that the Afghan parliament Speaker’s compliment somehow could pave the path for pressurizing media; individuals and other groups both in and outside the parliament would try to pressurize the Afghan media.

Nai asks the Parliament’s Speaker to take back his words about media and apologize to media community of the country.

According to the Afghan Media Law, the only source for investigating complaints against media is the Commission for Investigating Media Complaints and Violation and no any entity addressed by the government can pressurize media and freedom of speech or humiliate it.