Khurshid TV’s transportation was targeted this evening and two of their employees were wounded up as result of the explosion.

Asadullah Ikhlas, Khurshid Radio Anchor and Baryalai the bus driver were severely wounded up in the explosion that took place between the Taimani Project and the section third of Khairkhana Kabul.

Officials at Khurshid Radio and TV say that Mr. Ikhlas is in a critical situation.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan considers it attack on freedom of speech and fundamental rights of Afghan citizens and believes if the investigative and intelligence entities pay close attention and speed in their actions so we won’t witness such incidents.

Nai asks the government to provide the required treatment for the wounded up correspondents of Khurshid Radio and TV.

And also Nai asks the governmental entities in specific the Interior Ministry to put efforts and pay close attention in this regard, in case the incident took place due to being unconcerned and indifferent so the relevant entities should be accountable for such issues and incidents.

It is worth mentioning that the explosion which took place was as a result of sticky bomb that caused some passers to death and wound up.