Insecurity raise and ignorance of government toward media outlets security made media supporting entities concerns on freedom of expression in Ghazni. Authorities in this province ask journalists claiming they have events to be covered by media. Instead journalists are taken to the first line of war to do combat reporting.

Owners and media mangers in Ghazni province are under pressure to pay illegal many to Taliban under Tax name, otherwise they, media managers and owners would be killed by them. On the other hand the local government easily say media community you should deal with Taliban, not us.

Journalists are not able to report on corruption because if they do so they will faced with violence. This brought self –censorship.

There is no local voice in Ghazni. Due to security and/or financial issues most of local media have been closed.

Access to information is another big challenge for media. Journalists are not allowed to have access to any contract and/or any directives of the government. Thus no criticize on government is possible to be done.

Financial crises cover now Ghazni media. Media manager and owners do not have tax paying power on frequency registration and municipality taxes.

Nai SOMA, believes that any taxes damage freedom of expression should be removed at least temporary. The government should seek alternative ways in this regard.

Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar, director of Nai said in a press conference that: the President of NUG should issue a directive to temporary remove some of the taxes of media at least until media is out of financial crises.

It is worth mentioning that in Ghazni only one TV station, 8 FM radio and two papers are operational, while years back they were tens of them.