A local journalist of Khawar TV, named Faisal Noori has claimed that he was beaten by security guards and secretary of province governor.

According to the reports and footages, the governor planned to introduce a new chancellor of the university in the province yesterday, but faced with some opposing reactions made by teachers and the program was cancelled. At this moment, the guards and secretary of the governor were trying by force to push people back, using their guns as sticks. Just while the mentioned journalist was recording the adventures he was beaten by the secretary of the governor named Mirwais Ahmadzai. The footages recorded from the place verify that the claim is exactly true. This incident clearly shows that the personnel of the governor have no respect to people, nor recognize the right of media. On the other hand, strict and rude behaviors with journalists by the authorities for not allowing them to record, means censorship and preventing the news and information to be accessed that in both cases the violators should be prosecuted and punished. Nai, supporting open media condemn it in a strongest possible term and ask the governor to take his secretary to the court and simultaneously make his staff understand to respect the rights of civilians regarding access to information. We also call on the government, in case the governor avoid submitting his personnel to police and justice, they should take the necessary steps for enforcing the justice.